February 26, 2007

Starting Off

My goals for this week are pretty basic but I've got to start somewhere, eh?

  • drink more water
  • eat breakfast
  • incorporate exercise into my routine at least 3 times this week
  • come here and write about whatever when I feel like it
Drinking water will be the hardest of the three for me to do. I am not, and never have been, a good water drinker. I just don't like plain water. Even though I know it's good for me, and that my body needs it, I have a hard time just sitting down and drinking water. So, as with any program I try to follow, I'll make adjustments along the way.

Eating breakfast sucks. I've not been a breakfast eater since I was a kid. It always makes me more hungry throughout the day, but supposedly it will boost my metabolism. We'll see.

Finding the time to exercise won't be a problem. It's actually doing it that will be hard. No excuses this time. I know I feel better when I exercise - I have more energy, I sleep better, and I'm less sassy. I just need to get off my ass and get moving.

Obviously the writing won't be a problem. And that's why I started this blog - to have an outlet to babble about whatever I want to. It's not to entertain others, it's for me. Of course if you're reading this, you're welcome to comment, or not. It's up to you.

Oh, and I won't be weighing myself every day either. It doesn't make sense to do so since I know initially I'll probably gain a few pounds from water weight. It'll be a sporadic thing and I'll let my clothes be my guide for now because for me a number on a scale doesn't mean shit. It's how I look and feel to myself that guides me in the positive direction.

Today's mood: a bit tired - it's early


Stacie said...

As for the water, have you thought about putting lemon squirts into it? Or lime? While you're considering it, go drink a glass, would ya?
Exercising is a hard one. You're right, its not hard finding the time, its actually doing it. I think if you have your exercise bike (?) right by your phone, then you can exercise while you talk to me...then you'd exercise ALL FORKING DAY! heheheh
I like your attitude of how you look and feel. That's what is most important.

Jenn from WA said...

I'm soo not a water drinker either. I tell myself that coffee, does in fact, have water in it. = ) Good luck with that.

Lisa said...

Well, I'm happy to report I did GREAT in the water department today. Had 48 oz. drank before 1pm! Of course I'm drinking Propel, but I'll sacrifice the 10 calories for every 8 oz. if it means I don't have to drink nasty plain water.

And Jenn, my moto is normally "water's for coffee and showering". LOL

Groove said...

There's a trick to this and don't give me crap cuz one's not installed in the house....Never pass a drinking fountain w/o taking at least 3-4 swallows.

The other weirdo trick is to buy a water only thingy/thermos and keep it full all day....

Ok I'm sticking with the fountain idea...